Google Pay and Blockfi

Google Pay

If you have not heard of Google Pay, now may be the best time to download it! Not only does it allow for peer-to-peer transfers via Paynow and to merchants via Paynow QR, it also allows for movie ticket bookings! AND theres also a benefit when you use it to pay your friends or transactions – you get a reward scratch card that credits up to $10 directly into your bank account connected to your paynow account! With Christmas coming, I have coincidentally been receiving larger cashbacks – but I am not complaining 😛

If you are interested in downloading Google Pay, help me and help yourself and do use my link to download Google Pay as you can get 8 bucks as a starting referral bonus once you make your first transaction of 10 bucks!!


With Bitcoin gaining in popularity recently, especially among institutional investors, it may be a good time to start hedging one’s portfolio with Bitcoin. Moreover, with Blockfi, holding onto Bitcoin allows one to gain interest payments as well. The interest can go up to 8.6% depending on the cryptocurrency (see the pic below)

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The Blockfi Interest Account is one of BlockFi’s products that offers competitive interest rates to cryptocurrency depositors. Blockfi also offers one free withdrawal per client per month. For those that are more adventurous, Blockfi also offers loans and trading products.

However, there are of course risks involved in depositing your cryptocurrencies with Blockfi, and you definitely have to do your due diligence. For example, similar to how a bank would take in deposits in interest accounts and then lend if out to another party at a higher rate of interest, BlockFi generates interest on your deposits by lending them out to institutional and corporate borrowers on overcollateralized terms – earning an interest on these loans. Hence, there are risks associated with lending such as borrower default.

Notwithstanding these risks, rather than letting your cryptocurrencies idle, why not let them accumulate interest? Use this link to sign up for a Blockfi account and you will get 10 USD if you deposit at least 100USD worth of cryptocurrency!


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