Arcade is a great place to de-stress and have fun. Unfortunately, spending time at the arcade tends to be rather expensive and somewhat a waste of money.

Playing at Cow Play Cow Moo (CPCM) allows me to collect tickets which can be exchanged for attractive prizes ranging from household appliances like slow-cookers and fans to accessories like G-shock watches and even electronic gadgets like Ipads and JBL speakers!!!

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Source: Cow Play Cow Moo Facebook page

For my girlfriend and I, playing $20 worth of tokens allow us to collect an average of about 9000 tickets. A JBL Clip 2 speaker costs about 61000 tickets and G-shock watches are about 99000 tickets. Doing the math, this means that playing about 7 times at CPCM will allow me to redeem a JBL Clip 2 speaker (worth ~$60) and playing 11 times will allow me to redeem a G-shock watch (worth around $110-$140)!!!

Our favourite game there is the fishbowl! Though there is minimal skill involved, it is rather addictive, somewhat like a jackpot machine hahahaha! We could literally sit there for hours happily slotting in our tokens into the fishbowl machine. Other games like basketball, air hockey and the ever so popular clawing machines are also available. The games here are relatively cheap, with each game costing an average of 3 tokens. With more money spent, more free tokens are given as well. So be sure to exchange your tokens all at one go!

Going to CPCM not only allows us to relive our childhood, but it also gives me an opportunity to redeem items which I have always wanted! Of course, not every game allows one to collect a significant amount of tickets. Perhaps, it is time to go down for oneself and try out all the different games there! Remember to bring cash along as only cash is accepted at the token-exchange machine!