Miscellaneous tips

Samsung Pay

What is Samsung Pay? It is an inbuilt app in compatible Samsung phones that allows one to pay without the physical credit or debit card simply by tapping the phone like a credit card. Every usage of Samsung Pay allows one to accumulate points which can be redeemed for items like snacks, deserts or even discount vouchers.

Previously, I only used Samsung Pay at food outlets or supermarkets. However, I realised just yesterday that Samsung Pay could be used as an EZ-Link Card as well! This means that I would not have to worry about topping up my EZ-Link card.

Doing some basic calculations, assuming I make 2 purchases every day using Samsung Pay, I can accumulate a minimum of 30 points x 2= 60 points a day. In a month, I would have collected at least 60x7x4= 1680 points. I will be able to get a free cup of Llao Llao Sanum every month just by using Samsung Pay which is effortless!!! Of course, the rewards change every few months but I can always redeem something else. Time to put Samsung Pay to good use!!