Start of my writing journey

Hi everybody reading this blog! I am SGKiasuGentleman, a 22-year old student at SMU School of Law. I started this blog due to a stroke of luck, or perhaps to be more accurate, a stroke of misfortune. I suffered a fractured middle finger on my left hand in March 2019, and I recently underwent an operation at the beginning of May. Having loads of time on hand (no pun intended), I decided to start this blog to share my journey in investing as well as the small tips and tricks I use to save on my expenses/ increase my savings in my daily life. I will also be sharing about insurance policies which I possess or have more knowledge about. The emphasis will be on my investing journey starting from 2017 as this is one aspect which I am constantly growing and learning. Please feel free to leave comments with regard to my posts! I strongly welcome constructive feedback!!

Why I decided to blog about financial literacy

Life is short. Even though money is not everything, one cannot do without money. From joy-inducing events like weddings and holidays to unfortunate events like hospitalisation, money is always in the picture. Hence, I have embarked on this journey to gain financial literacy and hopefully financial freedom. Join me on my journey, and I hope that it will be as rewarding for you as it is for me!

I can also be found on sginvest and thefinance.sg